A new life is ONE. INCREDIBLE. MIRACLE....But TWO new lives? It's pretty unbelievable.  Wrapping your head around how carefully each one of those tiny humans was thoughtfully and maticulously crafted in their sweet mommy's body is unfathomable...twenty teeny toes, two little noses, two sets of precious lips, twenty fragile fingers. All these things can only point to a greater, Heavenly Father who created them perfectly and wonderfully! Photos just don't do justice to their size, beauty and preciousness. I (almost) have baby fever! Congrats to our dear friends, Eric & Kasey.  You made cute kids! Thanks for letting Zac and I sneak a peek at your neat family of four (well six-- Can't leave Toby Washington and Henry Theodore out)! xxoo


Have you ever wondered, "What does the fox say?" He says, "I'm grateful for my family, my mom and my dad. My sweet friend Piper takes me everywhere and even includes me in family photos."  Meet the Foleys - another wonderful seminary family.  They have an incredible story and one precious/cute kiddo!  P.S. That sun though! 


She's my favorite gal to take pictures of whenever I have an opportunity. She's stunning always, and not to mention she's not camera shy! We did a couple senior photo shoots before her graduation party.  Here are a few of my baby sis, Alexa from our last visit to Minnesota earlier this month! 


Zac and I took a short 3 night vacay to Cabo San Lucas back in early May to celebrate our second anniversary and the successful completion of his second year of grad school! Our trip included taking lots of pictures {selfies}, eating till we explode {chips, quac and salsa}, getting free pedicures {from the sand}, and soaking in the rays {getting fried}.