This was one of those sessions where I literally smiled so much through the entire editing process that my face started to hurt! 

Alisha + Bronson are like peanut butter + jelly...grilled cheese + tomato soup...waffles + syrup...cookies + get where I'm going here? And no, this is not my pregnancy cravings talking! ;) Or is it? 

Like foods that love each other, so do Alisha + Bronson. They just go well together.  You can tell that these two are pretty enamored with one another. I can think of no better pair! 

My favorite photos are the candid ones. The ones where I can make a suggestion + the couple will follow instruction but naturally make it their own to where it turns out better than I could have ever imagined! They were THAT couple! 

Alisha + Bronson: you are perfect for one another.  Like macaroni + + donuts...tortilla chips + salsa...A literal match made in heaven. Love you two!