Last year my sister Olivia put together the most fun idea! With her nephews in mind, she dreamt of a fun, engaging + interactive tablescape only fit for children! This resulted in the perfect mix of design, festivity + class. In the end, she created a table that even the adults would envy…with coloring placemats, extra ‘mallows in every hot cocoa mug + the cutest spray painted white winter animals. Even a 10 month old knew his place at this table. Can’t you see his delight? Who wouldn’t want to sit at the kiddo table this holiday season?!

And the best part? Not only will your kids feel so honored + extra included at your holiday celebrations this year but this was SUPER easy for YOU to put together! We used things we already had like the Christmas trees from Target + the gold reindeer candlesticks found years ago at a thrift store. This the perfect opportunity to use up extra wrapping paper scraps for small boxes as ‘gift centerpieces’; re-use old crayons and peel off the paper; spray paint a couple of your kids old play animals [they will never know, right?]; print a fun color sheet placemat like the one found here to keep your kids busy for a bit while you enjoy adult conversation at the non-kid table ;). So many thoughtful, intentional pieces to this tablescape - you can’t go wrong!

Thanks Olivia, for styling this perfect children’s activity table!

Did you create a festive, holiday kids table? Be sure to tag us so we can see YOUR creations!

- Love, Alexa, Olivia + Cassie