2018 WRAP UP!

We can’t believe we are writing this wrap up post for 2018! Where has the time gone? Once again, we’ve been stretched, challenged + inspired creatively. We’ve met new families, added to our own [Cassie is pregnant with #2 + Alexa is engaged] + caught up with some of our favorite clients as their children have grown over the year.

What can we say? We are grateful. Grateful for the thousands of images that freeze in time joy, happiness + love for years to come. Grateful the challenges that have made us better business women + have helped to improve our photography craft. Grateful for our clients who have become friends. Grateful for some tears here + there + places where we had to stop, revaluate + determine ‘what’s next’? Grateful for the for the support, encouragement + cheer section of those we love most.

All in all, we have full hearts of gratitude for all of God’s blessings including our health, families/friendships, roof over our heads + our Heaven Father who continues to provide for our every need. Since the new year always makes us feel nostalgic, take a peek at 2018 in review!

Cheers to 2019!

Cassie BushComment