A day that started with crisp fall backdrop + ended in a complete winter wonderland. Can you talk about a total DREAM? It was the first real snow of the season that left a solid 6 inches on the ground and on our cars. Pictures so epic and romantic that you can only imagine and hope for! Kurtis and Krista couldn't have made a more beautiful couple.

After 10 years of dating, this perfect fall-winter 3rd day in November was a long time coming....a perfect culmination of everyone they loved, swoon worthy florals, the best of friends making up the bridal party, an elegant venue and a dance party for the ages.  Can we also talk about how holy gorgeous Krista's dress was? Also note how well all her gals pulled off the varied color AND style dresses. So fun + flattering! 

One of our favorite parts [+ most important IMO] of the wedding day is the ceremony. The part where you laugh, where you cry, where hear, see, experience all the love-y feelings. You see the bride walk down the aisle with her dad + all of a sudden all the work of planning a wedding unfolds. Details, plans, preparations. Everything wrapped up in a pretty little bow. Time stood still for Krista + Kurtis as they made promises to one another, worshiped + were announced as husband + wife. To top it off, you know it's a special, intimate wedding when both the groom and the bride's fathers perform the ceremony.  Krista + Kurtis' vows were simple, meaningful and original. "You're my best friend; I'll never stop trying to make you smile; I'll encourage you to chase your dreams and chase them with you." I'm getting teary thinking about it! Praying these words to one another are consistent reminders of your forever love for one another. 

We snuck outside to the snow covered greens. Backlit + beautiful we took some of our all time favorite portraits. We officially will take snow over sunsets [we can say this because these days winter is never ending in MN]. ;) Kind of like how the day transformed from fall to winter, the ceremony site quickly was turned over into the most heavenly gold + green reception - such class, such thought + so many heart eyes! Then the dance began + let us tell you, it was full of contagious energy + joy! In the words of the bride, "it was the time of my life"! Congrats + happy almost half year to the Koenigs! 

Dress: A&Be Bridal

Florist: Eclectic Elegance

Venue: Blackberry Ridge

Hair + Makeup: Locks and Lashes

Video: Blue Forest Films


Justin and Kayla have become dear friends over the past year.  Justin and Zac (Cassie's husband) went to college together and Kayla and Cassie hit it off right away! When Kayla and Justin were approaching their one year anniversary, she mentioned she'd love to put on her dress again and take some 1 year celebration photos! AND of course, we are all about celebrating EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! So we set a date, arranged for a stunning floral bouquet (S/O out Studio C Floral) and found a perfect location to take the shots. Give us ALL the bright, bold and beautiful flowers, a stunning 'bride' and dapper 'groom' and watch the magic happen. :) Enjoy a few of our favorites from this past weekend and also give some sweet anniversary wishes as they relive their wedding day! Hugs!