FINALLY [as the cake perfectly stated]! After 8 years of dating, their day had finally arrived!  You know that when a couple has been together for an extended period of time, their love for one another will only continue to grow.  When we photographed their engagement session back in September [you can peek back at their engagement session here], I remember noting how Mark looked at his bride Lauren with such pride and fondness - and it didn't stop then! 

A rather warm Saturday in July proved to be a culmination of all the best things a wedding day could contain...your best gals in the cutest floral robes, mimosas on the deck over looking your ceremony and venue site, a first look in the woods, snazzy dudes in shades, lush greenery/"knee high by the Forth of July" corn stalks, heartfelt vows and 'I do's', Famous Dave's BBQ [praise Jesus], and s'more station and bonfire under a full moon. And to top it off, sparklers! What could be better?  The vibe coming from this quaint cabin set the tone for the entire day... joyful, laid back, upbeat and relaxed. Mark and his men prepped the ceremony site with perfection while the ladies pimped on the front porch outside the bridal suite. Midday Lauren met her groom; he twirled her to show offer her lace gown.  They smiled ear to ear ALMOST all day, but who wouldn't when your hosting the party of the summer in celebration of a long awaited marriage? 

Mark and Lauren, what a joy to play a small part in your wedding day! Wishing we could time travel to relive the memorable event. Can we? Okay great! As Lauren said this week "I'm wedding sick and want to go back to that day!". Same, girl, same! ;)